Who is C-community?

Pioneers & explorers in heart and soul

C-community is a strategic partner that excels in lateral thinking for companies that are looking to make a change; that aim to realize (new) growth; that have the ambition to be the best in their field

We combine creativity and the conceptual thinking of a design agency with the strategic approach of a communication agency.

Since 1955, C-community has been able to surprise its clients with high-quality, strong, and innovative concepts thanks to its extensive experience in the field of communication and design.

Our history lies in advertising and communication. Yet, we believe that communication alone doesn’t create sufficient impact on the business. Communication and design are frequently considered to be additions to the traditional P of (online) Promotion. A missed opportunity! Communication should go hand-in-hand with business models and the ambitions of your company! Only then we can help your organization move forward. And that’s precisely what we do.

In addition to our fixed team, we have a wide base of experts we hire on a project basis if necessary.

We speak five languages fluently. We are able to expand our language skills to Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, and Polish via our network partners.

C-community people are highly trained in communication and creation. Training and experience (often international) lead to a sound, pragmatic approach. You’re not looking for theories and models, but for success! Within C-community, employees are regularly trained and coached. This means we can ensure a return from our talent.









Work at C-community

C-community people are concept-thinkers, developers, designers, consultants, creators, writers, discoverers and pioneers in their hearts. Talents who want to continuously develop themselves and always want to move forward feel right at home at C-community.
C-community offers space to grow within our organization.At C-community can be yourself and at the same time make a meaningful contribution to society and our customers by creating great communication and design.
C-community is an agile organization that does not cling to existing business models. For over 60 years we have been able to adapt successfully to the spirit of the changing times. Our people focus on the main goals of our office, the social interests that we have and the needs of the clients we serve.
Are you not only looking for a good salary, but also want to make a meaningful contribution and become a better version of yourself?
Send a message to info@c-community.com which describes clearly why you would like to work at C-community and which talents you can bring to the table.
You will receive a reply within 24 hours.
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Our people

Our team consists of people who complement each other perfectly in terms of personality, brain power, background, talents, skills, interests, and experience. What connects us is our curiosity, the journey of discovery to improvement and innovation, and the daily challenge to create inspiring and durable solutions for often complex communication issues.

Our experience in working with C-community is very positive. They are extremely customer friendly. It is a very professional, enthusiastic and expert team with personal advice. C-community creates the appropriate solutions. They are real content creators, with a clear inspirational message for the target audience. They act quickly and adequately. Even a rush job is perfectly managed on very short notice. Perfection is of paramount importance at C-community, and that's what we love about them!

Germaine Bormans

CEO, Curfs Logistics

We are really happy with having C-community as our creative agency. They have put in a lot of effort to get to know the ins-and-outs of our business, and as a result they deliver work that is smart, relevant, effective and to-the-point. You get the feeling that they really care about your business and that they feel proud about every piece of work they deliver. We have received positive feedback on the work C-community has done for us both externally and internally. And, on top of that, you can rely on them to get the job done. It has happened a few times where we urgently needed their help with important ad-hoc projects and they went the extra mile to help us out within a tight deadline. We don’t see C-community as just another supplier, but we see them as a respected partner we enjoy working with.

Chantal Spies

Brand Communication Manager, Stamicarbon

We are very pleased with the improvements we have made in collaboration with C-Community and the advice and feedback that they have given us with regard to marketing and communication.

ORGfit - Consultancy

With the development of the "Walk of Life" for our stand at the BAU 2017 in Munich, C-community has made our segment approach tangible and turned it into a highlight on our stand. The visitor literally walked through all phases of the life and experienced that Tarkett floor coverings accompany every age and every life situation. With C-community, we have found a partner for this project, who has accompanied us professionally in concept development, design and implementation and has always demonstrated a high degree of flexibility.

Silke Loßnitzer

Marketing Manager, Tarkett

The creative process has been one of challenges and exploration of limits, and has resulted in a strong communication strategy. Within 4 months time they have not only delivered a fully functioning website but also several online and offline communication and marketing tools. Thanks to our collaboration with C-community we have developed a sharper approach towards our clients and are stronger at communicating with them. This results not only in a better brand positioning but also has a positive impact on our company revenue and our company processes.

Van Aarsen Feedmill Solutions

C-community has helped us very well by uplifting our communication from a ‘product thinking’ level, to ‘value thinking’. In the current economic era customers are looking at Flexpoint as their personal HR partner and co-creator for continual improvement and innovation for their organization, organizational processes and staffing.

Luc Roos

Manager Services, Flexpoint

The power of C-community lies within its rock solid combination of structure and creativity. Creative, involved and efficient. Communication with an eye for details and the bigger picture. C-community stands for quality.

Theo Strijbos

CFO, Seacon Logistics

About our location

We are very proud of our unique location, the former police station of Klimmen.<br /> Curious? We would love to show you our property, which includes real police cells and a growing police memorabilia collection with many unique pieces.<br /> Call us on 045-405 88 00 to make an appointment!
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