Who is C-community?

Pioneers & explorers in heart and soul

C-community is a strategic communication and design agency for organizations that aim to grow and innovate. We are conceptual thinkers, developers, designers, consultants, creators, writers, explorers, and pioneers in heart and soul. Our curiosity drives us to push boundaries, and to enter unexplored areas. We are always looking to inspire and innovate. Which means that we feel right at home at the point of change. By asking critical questions we uncover the core of your communication issues. The right analysis allows you to make the right choices to facilitate successful change and innovation.

Why choose C-community?

What is your true ambition?

What would you like to achieve? Your ambition is the starting point for a strong and durable communication strategy. Powerful communication and inspiring design are the tools that will help you realize your ambitions.

How does C-community work for you?

It all starts with your DNA!

Organizations are constantly looking to stand out of the crowd. Traditionally, this is often sought in the product, service, or price. However, the true distinctive feature is who you are and what drives you. In other words, your organization’s DNA! This is our starting point to move your organization forward.

What does C-community do?

The added value of communication and the strength of creativity

In the past decade, C-community has executed the most diverse projects, from large to small. From brand development and branding to event organization, from the development of communication tools to workshops.
Whether you’re listed, government, or a small or medium-sized company, we translate your identity into appealing communication, into a powerful design with its own, distinctive look.